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Computer auditing and Accounting was founded because of the disparity (dis·par·i·ty Noun: A great difference) between Accountants and Information Technology (IT) professionals. Simple speaking: Accountants don’t always understand IT terminology such as RAID, while IT professionals do not understand Accounting terminology such as Accruals. Staff of Computer Auditing and Accounting have been privileged enough to study and work in both industries and have willingly and ably decoded communication between these two sets of professionals for the last decade.

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Computer Auditing and Accounting

Competitive advantage

Whether being the quickest to market, having the latest technology or efficient processes is what sets you apart from your competitors it is essential that you make computer audit an essential company tool.


Computer audit will ensure the completeness of your fixed asset register and the accounting transactions that are processed in your ledgers.


We will advise on whether the specification of your computers (operating systems, processors, storage capacity) and security measures are adequate for your operational needs. Furthermore, we can dispose of all obsolete equipment, advice on the purchase of new equipment and arrange procurement and full installation

Business efficiency

Companies are required by company law to safeguard assets by instituting effective internal controls. Computer audit would not only meet this requirement but would give you the facts you need to make important decisions.

Cost control

Computer audit aids the budgeting and timely replacement of computer equipment. It reduces substantially the guesswork in constructing the relevant capital expenditure budget


Computer audit would reinforce your company’s attitude to risk. Thousands are invested in computers (PCs, workstations, laptops, scanners, etc) it pays to be prudent by mitigating loss, whether by theft, fire or otherwise.

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